About This Blog

It sometimes seems I like almost everything, to the frustration and/or bewilderment of friends, academic advisors, and anyone who wants a straight answer to questions like "What are you interested in?" and "What are you doing with your life?" That said, I've been in love with the past for literally as long as I can remember. The path I took in college—archaeology and history—wasn't exactly what I had planned, but it's what I and anyone who's known me probably could/should have seen coming from the time I was six. I also love mythology and folklore, from a cultural/religious/historical standpoint but also from a literary one.

This is (I think) going to be a blog about the above things. I also have a healthy appreciation for literature, music, and theatre, so that stuff might find a way to creep in once in a while, too. (If it's historical, though, that doesn't count as creeping; it's totally relevant and therefore fair game. Or so I've decided.) I'm out of school for the moment, but I certainly haven't stopped thinking or reading, and I want to write about the things I'm thinking and reading, not to mention the experiences I have, the people I meet, the things I stumble across in my wasted(?) hours of internet-combing, and pretty much anything else that strikes my fancy.

The background image is a picture I took of some of the main ceremonial buildings in the center of Xunantunich, a Maya city in western Belize, not far from the modern city of San Ignacio. In the back is El Castillo, a pyramid-temple that I've heard is the second-tallest building in all of Belize. These buildings are from the first millennium C.E.; the photo is from 2009, when I was doing my archaeological field school at another site nearby.